Washington Youth Basketball

Kings of the Court



It’s more than just a game.

For the kids of Washington, PA, basketball is more than just a game, it’s a gameplan for life. The lessons our athletes learn on the court can guide them off the court every day.

Every player on the Washington Kings signs a Player Contract, committing to good grades, good sportsmanship, and good citizenship. And we, their coaches, parents, and mentors, sign our own contract committing to helping them achieve those things.

We rely on a small army of volunteers, sponsors, and donors to ensure that each child has the means to participate, whether through help with homework, clothing, transportation, and more. Our yearly tournament, Kings of the Court, gives our athletes, our school, and our city an exciting opportunity to shine. And our biannual community service projects, which we do instead of charging fees to the parents, allow us to give back in a way that shows our appreciation to the support our community gives us.

Ability may get you to the top, but it takes character to keep you there.

~ Coach John Wooden


Give like a king.

Because of our incredibly generous sponsors, our athletes and their families do not pay to play in our league. In return, our players dedicate their time to two yearly team community service days in Washington, PA.

This means that no family will be left behind because they don’t have the money to participate. In addition, our teams learn the value of hard work and service to their community by doing projects they can take pride in.

We want them to see the playground they cleaned up, or the flowers they planted, or the building they painted, and say to themselves, “I did that! We did that!”

And we want our sponsors and donors to be recognized for their help. You will be featured on our website, our social media, our banners, and in all our marketing materials. Let’s partner to get the word out about your business and help some great kids and families while we’re at it.